SIMBALION Watercolour Cake


12 Colours

  • Diameter of Palette: 3cm
  • 12 Different Colours
  • Comes with a brush


16 Colours

  • Diameter of Palette: 2.3cm
  • 16 Different Colours
  • Comes with a brush


The difference between 12 Colours and 16 Colours is the size of the pans, which are 3cm and 2.5cm respectively.




  • Detachable Plastic Cover acts as mixing palette
  • Bright and saturated tones, consistent high quality
  • Excellent high quality, excellent water-solubility

What is watercolour?  

Watercolour paint in pans comes as rectangular or circular “cakes” that are fitted into individual pans. They are extruded under pressure, which compresses them into the cakes. They're dry to the touch, but when you dab a wet brush in the watercolour, it is “activated.”

Simbalion Watercolour Cake