Sakura Poster Colours
Variations: 8 colours/12 colours/15 colours(16 Tubes)
Brand: Sakura


  • Comes in 12ml translucent tube
  • Utilize both features of semi-transparent water color and opaque water color
  • Colour stays bright even if thinning with water or mixing color
  • Gold and Silver is available in 15 Colour box
  • Suitable for paper/canvas product (Canvas is still best used with fabric/acrylic paints)

What is Poster Colour?
Poster paint is a distemper paint that usually uses a type of gum-water or glue size as its binder. 
It either comes in large bottles or jars or in a powdered form. 
It is normally a "cheap" paint used in school art classes.

Sakura Poster Colour POCT

PriceFrom S$9.00