Saga Batik Dye

  • Saga Batik Dye 65ml
  • Saga Batik Dye 250ml 
  • Saga Batik Dye 500ml 
  • Colours available:

Black, Brown, Golden Yellow, Green, Orange Red, Red, Turquoise Blue, Violet, Yellow


Batik dye FAQ: 

STEP 1. Pour in a palette and take brush

STEP 2. Dip the brush onto the palette and apply on cloth.

STEP 3. Wait for Batik to dry up before using a brush to paint fixer over it so that colour will stays better. (do note that eventually colour will still run) 

STEP 4. Wait for it to dry again before washing. 



  • It's the same as using acrylic paints
  • This is intended for batik painting and not for tie and dye
  • Do not need to add any water

Saga Batik Dye

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