Thickness: 3mm

Colour: Brown

Material: Wood


Assorted sizes available:

10cm x 15cm x 3mm

10cm x 20cm x 3mm

13cm x 18cm x 3mm

15cm x 15cm x 3mm

15cm x 20cm x 3mm

20cm x 25cm x 3mm

23cm x 28cm x 3mm

25cm x 30cm x 3mm

28cm x 28cm x 3mm

30cm x 45cm x 3mm

45cm x 60cm x 3mm

60cm x 81cm x 3mm

White (Single Side Painted) 60cm x 81cm x 3mm


Suitable for painting and as backing for painting work.

Recommended for use with Acrylic Paint and Markers.


PriceFrom S$0.40