Omni Soft Pastel


  • Quantity: 24 Colours inclusive of 4 fluorescent colours
  • Shape: Square
  • Size: 26mm x 8mm
  • Recommended to use on paper, card, wood and even stone.
  • Code: SP-24HF
  • CE Certified - Safe Product
  • Extra-fine Artist Quality Soft Pastel that is ever ready to Sketch and Draw


Omni Soft Pastel colours:

Red, Reddish Orange, Lemon Yellow, Apple Green, Viridian, Moss Green, Sky Blue, Cobalt Blue, Deep Blue, Light Pale Rose, Pale Rose, Pale Red Flesh, Camel, Golden Ochre, Brown, Coffee, Black, Grey, White, Fluo Yellow, Fluo Orange Red, Fluo Pink, Fluo Violet


More about Omni Soft Pastel:

  • Ultra-fine bright-toned powdered colour pigments in a stick so colours lay down are closest to natural dry-colour pigments
  • Intense graduated velvet finish colour tones, hue and tints
  • Colour can be rich and vibrant or soft and subdued
  • Ultra smooth and more consistent coverage
  • Blend and layer colours easily
  • Square shape convenient for both detailed and sketch work : corners provide a sharp point while the side allows broad strokes.
  • Low adhesion so applied surfaces should be rough and textured and colour fixed after that
  • Use blade or craft knife to scrape pastel stick into powder, blend or create a gradient effect with fingers, a pastel brush, a piece of cloth or paper stump
  • Good lightfastness
  • Well-balanced colours for portrait, landscape and drawing of other genre
  • More dusty to use with finger-powdering although good washability

Omni Soft Pastel

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