Giotto Oil Pastel (Fine)


Thickness: 9mm

Suitable for Age 3 and above

Available in: 12 Colours (294000) / 25 Colours (294100) / 50 Colours (294200


More information about Giotto Oil Pastel (Fine):

  • Round oil pastel sticks
  • Brilliant, lightfast colours
  • High colour brilliance & good coverage, even on dark backgrounds
  • Soft & smooth
  • Easy to erase & blend
  • Pastel sticks wrapped in paper
  • Non Toxic


Difference between Olio Maxi and Olio Fine Oil Pastel is that Olio Maxi is 11mm thickness, Olio Fine is 9mm thickness. Shop Giotto Olio Maxi.


Note: The packaging for 12 colours is under Lyra as Giotto used to be called Lyra. It's just in a different packaging.

Giotto Oil Pastel (Fine)

PriceFrom S$4.50