Fairbro Batik Dye

  • Weight : 120ml
  • Colours available:

Red, Brilliant Yellow, Orange, Leaf Green, Viridian Green,

Cobalt Blue, Sky Blue, Ultramarine, Violet, Brown, White, Black


Batik dye FAQ:

STEP 1. Pour in a pallette and take brush.

STEP 2. Dip the brush onto the palette and apply on cloth

STEP 3. Wait for Batik to dry up before using a brush to paint fixer over it so that colour will stays better. ( do note that eventually colour will still run)

STEP 4. Wait for it to dry again before washing.


Important Note:

  1. Its the same as using acrylic paints.
  2. This is intended for batik painting and not for tie and dye
  3. Do not need to add any water.

Fairbro Batik Dye