Dye Wax
Weight: 2.5g
Colours: Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Brown, Black

Colours on variations are before adding wax therefore it differs. After adding into wax, the colour will shine.


What is dye wax for?
Only for candle-making to add colors to it as wax is translucent


How to use?
Step 1: Using Single Corrugated Cardboard, make a candle mould and put the candle wick + base substainer inside. Use a hot glue gun to glue the side.
Step 2: Heat up the paraffin wax in a pot (not for food).
Step 3: Once it is liquid form, pour some of the wax into the pot of paraffin wax and stir.
Step 4: Once colour is formed, pour the liquid into your pre-made mould.

Dye Wax