Daler Rowney Artists' Clear Picture Varnish

  • 400ml per Bottle
  • For Oil & Acrylic Colours
  • Light spray which is suitable for retouching or as a temporary protection for exhibition painting.
  • Can be overpainted.
  • Protective layer from light and dust and will also make the colours appear more dense and vibrant.
  • Remove dust particles and apply a thin coat of varnish with a large varnish brush.


How to use?

  1. Test spray to ensure a fine, even mist.
  2. Lay the painting flat and hold the can about 450mm away, spray back and forth across the painting ensuring even coverage of the surface.
  3. Allow one hour between coats.
  4. Paintings should have been completed at least six months before final varnishing, ideally longer.

Daler Rowney Clear Picture Varnish

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