Button Press Machine

  • For making your badges


We have 3 kinds of service available

1. Purchasing of Button Press Machine which includes 58mm Mould

  • Note that you need to purchase your own badges here 
  • Do note that Preorder takes 1month


2. You can also choose to Rent the Button Press Machine 

  • Rental per Day : $18 
  • Rental for a Week : $100
  • There will be a deposit fee of $100 that is refundable upon returning the Machine in good condition.


3. Make an Appointment with us to do your badge machine at our warehouse.

  • Charges for usage will be $20 for full day
  • Usage Timing is from 10am to 5pm, Monday to Friday only
  • For Appointment, please WA to 8933 6791 to make an appointment

Button Press Machine

PriceFrom S$18.00